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Carriageworks Farmers' Market!

November 26, 2017

Producer: Prickle Hill Produce


When I'm in a new place, one of the first spots I'm eager to check out is the MARKET!  In being in Australia for the first time (particularly Sydney and surrounding area as my first stop), learning about Carriageworks Farmers' Market piqued my interest!


This renowned market featuring seasonal produce from around the state of New South Wales is housed on the old Everleigh Rail Yards in the district of Redfern Waterloo in Sydney.  It is a multi-purpose facility, housing a Farmers' Market every Saturday from 8:00 am-1:00 pm, but also housing a contemporary multi-arts centre within the boundaries of this property (the largest of its kind in Australia)[i].  To visit the main Carriageworks site, click here.


With its industrial feel and brick and iron detailing in an area that's in the midst of revitalization, it's a great spot to be on a Saturday morning!  With over just over 100 vendors listed on its website, you're sure to find a heart-filling mix of freshly-ground coffee, infused honey, vibrant fruit and vegetables, grass-fed meat, cultured butter, specialty cheeses, infused olive oils and vinegars, therapeutic looseleaf teas, fresh flowers and the like!  A handful of vendors on site are also actively cooking up a storm, whether it's for your breakfast, brunch or lunch!  A live cellist serenaded the crowd as all of this goodness unfolded in front of me.


The vendors include organic products (including products from bio-dynamic farms around the state), all present with the same goal: to promote LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE and FRESH food!


According to the website, the food grown in Australia is grown according to varying temperatures and humidity levels, since the seasons are not as diverse and distinct as that in other parts of the world (i.e. Canada)![ii]


As outlined on the website, the "Market Charter" operates in conjunction with five core values[iii]:


1. Product Authenticity - "its fundamental purpose is to facilitate the purchase of produce direct from the farms and kitchens where the produce is grown, livestock is raised or artisan products made"[iv]


2. Origin - "all products for sale must be grown or raised within New South Wales (NSW) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT)"[v]


3. Knowledge - "belief that the interaction between the farmer, chef or artisan producer and the customer is an essential part of the Market"[vi]


4. Sustainability - "the market recognizes its impact on the environment and understands the importance of sustainable business practices, especially with regards to water use, waste management and carbon emissions"[vii]


5. Excellence - the market "is committed to showcasing the very best and most innovative producers, chefs and artisans in New South Wales"[viii}


This core values certainly rang true as I walked the market, spoke to some vendors and admired the pride associated with the beautiful range of products that were available for consumers; one of those spreads of goods that if you could, you would just take one of everything!

Behind each vendor was signage (uniform in appearance throughout the market),

which was tastefully done!  A simple black and white sign that named the producer/farm/artisan, their location in New South Wales and the principal product

for sale, along with a map illustrating the region's location within New South Wales,

was certainly helpful for visitors like myself!



The fruit and vegetables were abundant in volume

and immaculate in colour!  A feast for the eyes!


Producer: Neo Organic Tea


 Producer: Pepe Saya


View of the market from above!


For a full list of producers at the Carriageworks Farmers' Market, click here.


If you're in the Sydney area and you're one to love the Farmers' Market scene (and gawk at the local goodness that surrounds you!), then Carriageworks is a stop to make some time for!





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