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Boosting with Bee Pollen

July 31, 2016

Bee Pollen.  A superfood like no other!

I had been curious about working with this ingredient for some time, and now that I have it in my hands (and in my pantry!), there’s no way I’ll ever be without!


Regarded as a holistic remedy, bee pollen, the food of a young bee, astonishingly possesses nearly all of the nutrients required by the human body[i]. As such, it is regarded as one of the most nourishing foods you can ingest[ii].


Bee pollen is highly rich in protein (about 40% – richer than any animal source [iii]); easily-assimilated protein and lecithin (a substance widely found in animal tissues/egg yolks some plants) that nourishes the brain and nervous system[iv]. Furthermore, its “free” amino acid composition means the amino acids are readily and directly able to be used by the body upon consumption. Beyond its protein benefits, bee pollen is dense with both the B-complex vitamins and folic acid[v]. B vitamins are highly useful in circumstances involving stress and disorders of the nervous endocrine system[vi].


Bee pollen is pure, raw and unaltered, and as it contains every nutrient required to support and sustain life, it is capable of being utilized for a wide range of ailments as for many health enhancements.


Its wide range of uses include the following:


  • Energy enhancer – containing carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins, it boosts your stamina; also enhances mental alertness!

  • Allergy treatment – due to the fact that it reduces the presence of histamine in the body, it is regarded as effective for asthma, allergies and sinus-related issues

  • Skin soother – it is often included as an ingredient in topical products used for eczema and psoriasis, for example, due to its ability to regenerate skin cells and protect the skin

  • Digestive support – it contains enzymes that aid in digestion; it is self-digesting in nature but also aids the digestion of other foods (contributing to weight management)

  • Respiratory support – it is dense with antioxidants that induce an anti-inflammatory effect on lung tissue

  • Immune booster – effective for intestinal flora (gut bacteria), as its antioxidants counter the cellular damage (oxidation) resulting from free radicals (uncharged electrons) in the body; increases body’s healing power, therefore building resistance to disease

  • Cardiovascular support – able to strengthen capillaries, blood vessels, circulatory issues and target cholesterol levels, in addition to producing anti-clotting effects

  • Prostate support – reduces the inflammation associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate gland)

  • Infertility – both stimulates and restores functioning of the ovaries; acts as a hormonal booster/aphrodisiac[viii]


A few interesting facts:


  • 1 pellet bee pollen = approx. 2 million+ flower pollen grains

  • 1 tsp. bee pollen = approx. 2.5 billion+ flower pollen grains[vii]


Those honeybees are working hard!


How do I start using bee pollen?


As bee pollen acts more rapidly when ingested at mealtime (and especially with fruit), two easy ways to incorporate this food item into your daily routine include using it in a smoothie or with yogurt accompanied with fruit.The fibers within fruit reinforce the activity of the pollen, which performs cleansing activity of your intestinal flora (gut bacteria)[ix].


For adults, start with adding just 1 tsp. of bee pollen into your favourite smoothie recipe, or by sprinkling it over a fruit and yogurt parfait of your choice. One teaspoon is sufficient; if increasing your daily intake, 1 tbsp. is regarded as a maximum.


Bee pollen may be stored in the freezer.


*Left: Vanilla coconut yogurt (vegan), accompanied with banana and 1 tsp. bee pollen


Where can I find bee pollen?


Bee pollen is often stocked at your local health food store/specialty store. Due to the fact that spring is here and Farmers’ Markets are setting up in full force for the coming months, I picked up this product from a market and was able to chat with the distributor directly, which is ideal!








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