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Summer of Switchel!

Yesterday, I tried out a 'Blackberry Switchel' recipe for the first time - WOW!

Making Switchel is rather new to me...while I'd heard of it many times, I had never ever tried making it! And...it's too easy not to. There are so many flavour varieties!

According to my research, it's a colonial-era beverage that was relied on by farmers to quench their thirst during the long, hot days spent in their fields.

Quench your thirst? DOES IT EVER!!!

It's a base of water and apple cider vinegar (opt for organic, raw and unfiltered, like BRAGG'S brand), flavoured with ginger and a natural sweetener, like raw, unpasteurized honey or pure maple syrup. You can then amp up the flavour with a fruit infusion, such as any type of berry.

I used the most gorgeous blackberries from Steve and Dan's FRESH B.C. FRUIT at the local farmers' markets in Edmonton, Alberta, as seen below! I added a few sprigs of mint, too!

Raw/unfiltered apple cider vinegar has COUNTLESS benefits - if you're suffering from acid reflux/heartburn, ACV should be a staple ingredient in your pantry!

It not only helps the organs of the body cleanse themselves, ACV helps balance the pH of the stomach and gets your digestive juices FLOWING, so especially beneficial in the half hour or so leading up to a meal to support the digestion of food that follows!

Have you ever tried Switchel? What's your favourite ingredient combo?

Are you managing heartburn? Would you try something like this?

To access the recipe I tried out, click HERE!


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