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When it comes to plant shops, I love a great GEM!

Botaniful Plant Loft is one of those gems...located in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta!

The top floor of an Asian supermarket, this incredibly naturally-lit space is a feast for the eyes! Hold onto your wallet!

Countless tropical plants line this space, amidst beautiful pots, terrarium supplies, macrame and locally-made jewellery! It's that perfectly-suited small business to support!

Plants are an incredible addition to your home, given they help purify the air, add pops of colour amidst your home decor, and are the perfect fill for that corner of the room or shelf that just need something, without having to invest in yet another piece of furniture. They have such an inviting, calming and relaxing quality to them...now if only I could perfect my ability to take care of them! It's a fine art, isn't it?!

If you're looking for a round-up of plants that are highly beneficial to have in your home, click HERE. This is just one of many resources out there that can serve as a starting point!

Some of my favourites are succulents, rubber plants, dracaena, peace lilies and aloe vera!

Beyond this plant loft in Edmonton, AB, if you're in the Calgary, Alberta area, my favourite plant shop to visit is by far Plant. It's also a gorgeous space, with a unique space in which you may enjoy one of their workshops!

Do you have a favourite plant shop in your neck of the woods? If so, please feel free to share the link below! I'd love to learn about other spots to check out while on the road!

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