• Jessica Pecush

(No-Bake) Walnut Coconut Blondies

Blondies have always been a favourite of mine!

I've tried so many variations over the years, that it was time to 'health-ify' traditional recipe variations and craft my own!

Given I thrive on a plant-rich, Paleo-inspired dietary approach in managing digestion-based autoimmunity, and serve clients experiencing gut-based inflammation and uncomfortable digestion-based symptoms, I wanted to craft a version that was naturally grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free! CHECK! The ingredients are easily-accessible and, in my opinion, are pantry staples!

This '(No-Bake) Walnut Coconut Blondies' recipe is oh-so-easy to put together (requiring just 15 minutes prep time), and given it doesn't require any bake time, they can head straight into the refrigerator or freezer to set! I can't get enough of them!

Enjoy them on their own, or crumble them over your favourite dairy-free sorbetto! THE best! I love them crumbled over locally-made Fiasco Gelato sorbetto, made right here in Calgary!

You may access this recipe HERE!

Enjoy! I'd love your feedback about them if you decide to try them out!

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