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Coconut Almond Cups!

Holiday baking is in full swing! There's nothing like from-scratch desserts with high-quality ingredients that don't leave your gut in turmoil after enjoying them!

And, if you love a chocolate peanut butter cup, or chocolate almond butter cup for that matter, here's a variation of that type of treat that has MINIMAL sugar...just a few grams of natural carbohydrate sugar - no refined/processed sugars or added natural sweeteners! WIN!

Baking and desserts that are protein and fat-powered are incredibly flavourful (thanks to the fat!) and so satiating (thanks to the protein AND fat!), so a little bit goes a long way!

What I love about these Coconut Almond Cups is that they do exactly that!

1-2 feels like plenty, simply because of their composition.

And, when treats are formulated this way with their ingredient list, the treat becomes a totally different experience!

-> You don't get the spike in blood sugar

-> You don't experience the sugar high...followed by the inevitable crash that follows

-> You're more fuelled, satiated and content sooner, so the need to have more treats starts to melt away far more easily and quickly

In this particular recipe, we gain high-quality, anti-inflammatory fat from the almond butter, coconut oil and coconut butter, and some protein from the almond butter as well.

Furthermore, some alcohol-free vanilla extract provides a splash of incredible flavour, the cinnamon is a natural blood sugar stabilizer, and a few pinches of sea salt help to accentuate all of these flavours!

Let's not hesitate with getting your hands on this recipe, so you can make it and enjoy it in your home over the holidays and beyond, too!

Access my 'Coconut Almond Cups' HERE.

*If you make them, be sure to comment below, and tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your creation! Can't wait to see them!


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