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Cassava Flour Banana Bread

Cassava Flour is my fave! And, so is banana bread! When you bring the two together...a dream come true!

Cassava flour is an incredible grain-free flour option, particularly when working with a plant-rich, Paleo-inspired approach to your diet, such as in the case of nourishing bowel-based symptoms and autoimmunity. Grain-free options are easier to digest when the integrity of the gut lining is compromised, so along with almond flour and coconut flour, these three grain-free flour options are my preferred choices!

Cassava four is sourced from the yuca root (a tuber), therefore is a vegetable-based flour option and naturally grain-free, gluten-free and nut-free.

While tapioca starch/flour is the bleached, extracted starch of this root, cassava is the ENTIRE root, yielding a mild, pleasing flavour and oh-so-light texture!

I'm a huge fan of the cassava flour produced by Otto's Naturals! Their recipe blog has been a fun source of inspiration to me in exploring various ways in which I can use and enjoy this flour option!

Prior to making this Banana Bread option, I have previously used it when making quick-and-easy, from-scratch tortillas and other types of gluten-free breads.

If you'd like to explore this 'Banana Bread' option from the Otto's Naturals' recipe blog, I'd highly recommend it! It's super quick to put together and requires about 45-55 minutes to bake.

I made just two slight changes to the recipe linked below:

1. I used 1/2 cup of unrefined/organic coconut sugar instead of 3/4 cup. Coconut sugar is dense and flavourful and as a result, I find less is more.

2. I added 2/3 cup of Enjoy Life (dairy-free) mini chocolate chips! I can't have a Banana Bread without chocolate chips! ;)

You may access Ottos' Naturals' 'Cassava Flour Banana Bread' recipe HERE!

It's most definitely 3-year-old 'niece-approved'! Enjoy!

If you give this a try, please head over to my private Facebook community group 'DI-JESS-TION Community' and share a pic and your feedback about this recipe in your own post! I'd love to see your result and what you thought about this recipe!

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