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Bountiful Farmers' Market (YEG)

A visit to a Farmers' Market you've never been to before is ALWAYS a good idea! So, given I'm enjoying some time in Edmonton right now, hitting up the 'Bountiful Farmers' Market', a market I've heard so much about, was a real treat!

I absolutely LOVE learning more about the growers specific to a particular area, as well as what local entrepreneurs are creatively designing as their signature products. I'm always in amazement with the creativity I see! And...the produce is always SPECTACULAR!

Here are a few snapshots of local produce vendors:

Steve and Dan's FRESH B.C. FRUIT

Red Apple B.C. Fruit

Lacombe Fresh

Bountiful Farmers' Market boasts a wide variety of different vendor types, prioritizing local businesses.

You can view the full vendor list HERE!

Helen's Vegetables and Flowers

The biggest heads of cabbage I've EVER seen!

Little Bear GELATO: Our new favourite sorbet! It's incredible,

and the 'Lemon Basil' is my ultimate fave!

The Bountiful Farmers' Market is located in the southern part of Edmonton at 3696 97th St.

It's open from 10am-4 pm every Friday and Sunday (year-round), and open from 9 am-5pm every Saturday (year-round).

There is plenty of free parking available, a multi-cultural food hall housed within it, an event stage, and even a kids play area, too!

If you live in Edmonton or close by, do you ever visit this market? What's your most favourite market local to you?

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