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Downsize Your Digital Clutter!

I LOVE the holiday season, and once the chaos and fun of Christmas has come and gone and the tinsel has started to settle (does anyone still even use tinsel?!), this final stretch of December is one of my favourite times of year!

For me, like for many others, it is a time of reflection, much organization (cleansing!) and plenty of strategizing for the coming year, both personally and professionally!

I've been chipping away at preparing for the new decade ahead in multiple ways since the start of the month, but these final six days of the calendar year always have me doing a digital overhaul of sorts.

We cant' underestimate the power of a digital declutter, just like I never underestimate the power of a deep spring clean in my home come March!

So, in preparation for a killer 2020 year ahead, here are the ways in which I've been "digitally decluttering" my personal and professional life from a digital standpoint! I hope these tips help you in some way!


1. Clean Out Your Email Accounts

  • Evaluate the number of email accounts you have - close any that are not necessary

  • Unsubscribe from any subscriptions that flood your Inbox each day, that you subscribed to out of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) (yes, I'm speaking of myself!) - this stuff builds UP!

  • Trash unnecessary emails, trash unnecessary folders, and create new folders as needed

  • Update your Contacts lists so all contacts are relevant

2. Clean Out Your Google Drive(s)

  • Organize folders, delete any unnecessary documents and/or folders, and file every document into a relevant folder

3. Clean Out Your Computer-Based Files

  • I don't mean going through every single file in every day folder

  • I do mean scanning each folder that exists, as well as its content, to determine where files/folders may be purged because they are no longer relevant

  • Organize folders, delete any unnecessary documents and/or folders, and file every document into a relevant folder

  • Back up your cleaned-up files - I like to do this in two different ways (i.e. onto a flash drive and an external hard drive)

4. Digitize Your Calendar

  • I'm the person who LOVES a great hard-copy day timer, complete with fun stickers (thank you Winners!), but when I subscribe to events digitally and schedule appointments digitally, I'm sure to add the events to my Google calendar

  • The reminder of the event, the day of or the day before, via my personal device , can be a lifesaver when on the go!

5. Digitize Your Workflow

  • I've recently discovered Trello - a task management app

  • It provides a visual overview of tasks at hand that may be categorized according to where you are at in your workflow with a particular project (i.e. "To Do", "Doing" and "Done"!)

  • You may create a "Board" for each new main task/project being worked on, breaking the large task into smaller sub-tasks; this allows a large task to appear far less daunting!

  • You may add deadlines to any of the tasks/sub-tasks, coloured labels, etc. so always be able to see the "big picture" and receive notifications regarding pending deadlines

  • You may drag the sub-tasks across categories (i.e. from "To Do", to "Doing" to "Done") as your workflow unfolds

  • To view a short tutorial, click HERE

6. Clean Out Your Phone Contacts

  • Enough Said!

  • Clean out old text message conversations, too!

7. Clean Out Your Photos

  • Upload to your computer the photos you want to save

  • Save computer photos into file folders and allow them to be backed up with your other files on your flash drive and an external hard drive, as noted above

8. Clear Unnecessary Apps Off Your Phone

  • Particularly the ones that distract you!

  • If you never use them, or they annoy you, good-bye!

9. Clean Out Inboxes of Social Media Accounts

  • Start the New Year with a clean slate!

10. "Unfollow" Social Media Accounts Not Serving You

  • If an account is not enhancing your life in any way, whether allowing you to keep in touch with friends, make you smile/laugh, or inspire you, let it go!

As an entrepreneur, given most of my work is digital, I then extend this digital declutter to revisiting my website every December. While I make smaller changes and enhancements throughout the year, every December, I revisit every page of my website for readability, visual appear, relevant and irrelevant information, font size/font style, etc. This means I am consistently enhancing this website over time, as my skills improve. I also revisit my various client forms (i.e. administrative and intake forms), to make any necessary enhancements there, as well! The editing and revising just never stops! ;)

While even the sounds of some of these ideas may seem tedious or might make you groan, trust me, when they're done, you're going to feel SO. MUCH. LIGHTER!

Time to get started! Cheers to the clean slate that lies ahead! Enjoy!


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