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The Inside Tract

I LOVE a great resource on DIGESTIVE HEALTH!

After this literature was recommended on a recent podcast I listened to, I knew I needed to get my hands on it!

In this text, author Gerard E. Mullin, MD and Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RD, LDN take readers on a journey to learn more about the fascinating and comprehensive digestive tract!

This literature is organized into 3 parts:

Part 1: The Gastrointestinal Superhighway

This section takes readers on a guided tour of the gut, describing the ways in which people stray from remaining on track with their digestion. When digestion goes awry, this circumstance then paves the way for possible digestive-based inflammation and disease in the body.

Part 2: The Inside Tract Prescription to Wellness

This section educates readers about the strategic nutritional approach to a greater quality of life via more optimal digestive health, including strategic supplementation options for nourishing and strengthening the integrity of the gut!

Part 3: Food as Medicine for Digestive Health

This section rounds out the text with various "Calls to Action" - three different "tracks" (food plans), based on the nature and severity of the digestion-based symptoms being experienced at the present time by an individual .

Following completion of the "Gastrointestinal Patient Symptom Assessment Tool" provided (a scored checklist based on the presence and severity of symptoms that are present), readers can gain an estimate of which track (food plan) would be the most logical starting point for them. Track 1 is the least narrowed in terms of scope of foods (corresponding with a lower score using the tool), whereas Track 3 is the most narrowed in terms of scope of foods (corresponding with a higher score using the tool).

The food plans encompass numerous recipes incorporating the associated nourishing foods in each case. The food plans are further organized according to a Fall/Winter plan and a Spring/Summer plan, utilizing seasonal foods respectively.

While a practitioner like myself can support you in determining and executing an appropriate dietary and lifestyle approach associated with imbalances in the body of this nature, this literature is a great starting point in learning more about digestive health and inflammation, as well as the scope of foods most suited to varying degrees of inflammation. It is intended that if someone starts with an approach along the lines of Track 3, that after "x" amount of time and progress (and a reduced score using the tool), they would move into Track 2, followed by Track 1. Over time, one would be reintroducing a greater scope of foods into the diet, once the gut is nourished into a greater and more optimal state of function.

If you're someone who tends to initiate your own learning and research on a health topic applicable to you, this might be a helpful resource for you or for someone you know!

To learn more about this text, click HERE!


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