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How Can You Benefit From "The Compound Effect"?

Darren Hardy and his work, including the book "The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success", have been on my radar for some time. It was time to dig into some of his literature and am I ever glad I did! I LOVED this book!

Darren Hardy is an American author, speaker and the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine. He is the brilliance behind three different books, training programs, a business masterclass and daily mentoring.

In keeping this blog post to a reasonable length, if we whittle down the main idea of "The Compound Effect", it comes down to this:

"Small, smart choices, completed consistently over time."[i]


"Even one small change can have a significant impact that causes an unexpected and unintended ripple effect."[ii]

Essentially, "The Compound Effect" can be applied to any aspect of your life, including:

  • Diet

  • Physical Activity

  • Finances

  • Career

  • Relationships/Friendships

  • Mindset

These principles have the potential to have an individual benefit from the substantial rewards gained from consistent, productive and positive behaviours over time - behaviours that may appear or seem rather insignificant in the moment, but over time, multiply exponentially.

This literature really made me consider how "The Compound Effect" has appeared in my life, both past and present! What habits did I consciously (or subconsciously?) develop during my adolescence and young adulthood that I performed so consistently over time that they've had a ripple effect into my adulthood and had me experience success in various ways?


As a child, I was involved with piano instruction/exams and competitive dance throughout my childhood and adolescence - passions of which continued into my 20s. The discipline these two areas of the Fine Arts demanded, in terms of time spent at lessons and engaged in at-home practice were COUNTLESS. As a result, such a schedule outside of the school day had me establishing organizational skills and time management skills stat, if I wanted to manage it all and feel successful in my own right.

I learned the value of using any span of time productively, in order to fulfill my love of music and dance and be successful in those two areas of interest while also working to excel at school.

What did this look like? Here are a few examples!

  • Doing homework in the "Change Room" of the dance studio on weekday evenings, when I had as short as a 15-30 minute break between classes (not the easiest place to focus, but it meant I could have a proper sleep when I finally got home at 10 pm at night!)

  • Driving to a one-hour piano lesson at 7:15 am in the morning, prior to driving to the University of Alberta for a start time of classes at 9 am (just to fit a weekly lesson in!) (*Not so easy in the dead of WINTER!)

  • Sacrificing social opportunities, in some cases, in favour of the commitment I had made to my hobbies (luckily a dance studio is part social institution, too!

These choices, which were small in the bigger picture of my life at the time, certainly impacted my adult life, as I still operate the same way. On full days or during full weeks, I very strategically schedule my days to make the most of the time I have, especially when there are short periods of time to burn between commitments that could easily just become lost time.

How do I make use of these time frames?

I sneak in and prioritize:

  • A few chapters of some professional reading

  • A walk outdoors to get experience daily movement - the commitment to daily movement keeps my body limber and is less likely to be "in shock" when I get myself to a more intense workout, like a barre class! Given the fact that I work from home now and most of my work is computer-based, prioritizing a daily walk has been my means of taking a break from my computer. 15-20 minutes daily can still break a sweat and get your heart pumping!

  • Calling a friend to catch up

  • Catching up on emails and/or networking with someone new

  • Listening to a podcast, so as to deepen my professional knowledge and/or personal development

  • Doing a house chore or two, so it doesn't all pile up at once!

  • Breaking my work projects into many small tasks and tackling one smaller task at a time, so that I always feel like a big project is consistently moving forward toward completion

  • Brainstorming my goals/tasks to be completed for the week every Sunday night, and re-working the list as the week goes on (to what is realistic as time unfolds) - I love to have a crystal clear vision of how my time needs to be used each week so I can stay on track with many aspects of my business!

When it comes to coaching nutritional clients, small, incremental, sustainable shifts in one's dietary and/or lifestyle changes, with my support, also demonstrate "The Compound Effect" in action!

In terms of new habits, this might look like:

  • Hydrating first thing in the morning with a mason jar's worth of lemon water

  • Finding 15-20 minutes during the day to engage of movement in some sort (i.e. outdoor walk)

  • Adding an extra cup or two of vegetable fiber to one meal of the day

  • Trying out minimum one new recipe each week

  • Turning off technology at least 60-90 minutes prior to bed in winding the body and mind down for a restful sleep

You get the idea!

At the end of they day, I truly feel I am an individual who takes consistent action with those things that matter most to me. Since recently leaving the teaching profession to pursue my entrepreneurship full time, consistent, daily action is my day-to-day life. It has to be. Such consistent, daily action with small tasks have led to steady, growing momentum and RESULTS.

So, I challenge you to consider your own life and habits. In which area would you benefit from letting go of any excuses, getting out of your own way and applying some consistent action in the form of small changes?

Worth a read!

To download a multi-page bundle of FREE resources associated with "The Compound Effect", click HERE! Some or all of these tools may prove to benefit you in some way, in helping you to reshape any behaviours you choose to bring more awareness to. Enjoy!


[i] Hardy, D. (2019). The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Life, Your Income Your Success. Boston, MA: Da Capo Press.

[i] Hardy, D. (2019). The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Life, Your Income Your Success. Boston, MA: Da Capo Press.

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