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Got Brain Fog?

Brain fog. An imbalance in the body that I'm sure numerous people can relate to, on some level!

This book came highly recommended to me by one of the nutritional practitioners that I follow the work of, and am I ever glad I took the time to read it!

Dr. Mike Dow is an author and psychotherapist, residing in Los Angeles with his private practice. He has made numerous appearances on various television shows, both as a guest and as a host. While I have heard of him and seen glimpses of him on TV, I had not yet read any of his literature. So, it was time that I did!

In "The Brain Fog Fix", he dives deeply into the reasoning behind the occurrence of brain fog, as well as several practical, sustainable strategies for bouncing back from this state. Brain fog contributes to the deteriorate of brain function, whether it be from dietary choices, environmental toxins, lifestyle choices and/or our mental state and treatment of ourselves. Rooted in evidence-based research, Dr. Dow descriptively provides the reasoning as to why brain fog can both be prevented and reversed. IF you're willing to do the work, this does not have to be your long-term state!

Within the first 15 chapters of the book, Dr. Dow touches on many topics that address the state of the brain, including:

  • The highs and lows brought about by various types of carbohydrates

  • Dietary fats to avoid at all costs, as well as those to consume

  • Proteins as not only the building blocks of the body, but the brain as well

  • The implications of taking numerous medications

  • Environmental toxin exposure

  • The impact of a sedentary life

  • The effects of various types of light and technology use, and their association with quality sleep

  • Distraction from devices

  • Starvation of our spiritual selves

Dr. Dow also sheds some light on nourishment for the brain in the circumstance of "Mommy Brain", or that of function during the "Senior" years.

At the conclusion of the book, Dr. Dow thoroughly outlines his 3-week program "The Brain Fog Fix" - a day-by-day, guided program that helps get the ball rolling with regards to detoxing the brain from those elements (i.e. dietary, environmental and lifestyle factors) that are contributing to one's brain fog. While such strategies need to become sustainable, lifestyle strategies for the long-term, this short-term program certainly supports the body in initiating such a"reset". A reset will certainly have one experiencing positive changes on multiple levels.

Here's a brief run-down of what each week entails:

Week 1 - dietary modifications (including removing anti-nutrients and adding key brain nutrients) to improve mood, complimented by cognitive strategies that help one move through thought patterns that don't serve you

Examples: removal of refined/processed foods high in pro-inflammatory Omega 6s; influx of anti-inflammatory Omega 3s

Week 2 - enhancement of energy levels, by bringing heightened awareness toward regular movement, quality sleep and brain-boosting games/exercises

Examples: consistent movement time daily; monitor technology use more closely

Week 3 - spiritual exercises that will have you reconnecting with yourself and living with a greater sense of joy!

Examples: strategic meditations

Each day of the 3-week reset instructions is accompanied by a "Lifestyle Tracking" and "End-of-Day Evaluation" workbook page, for accountability and progress purposes.

If you could use some guidance as to beginning, foundational strategies that clean up your diet, lifestyle and mind (and your overall brain health), then this may be a great read for you!

Furthermore, I am here to support you in doing the same, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if that is the case! The gut and brain are inextricably connected, so what nourishes the gut, will inevitably support the brain!

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