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(Otto's Naturals') "Chewy Gooey Paleo Brownies"

My sweet, sweet indulgence this Easter long weekend! "Chewy Gooey Paleo Brownies", using what I believe to now be my favourite type of flour: CASSAVA!

Cassava flour is sourced from yuca root. Therefore, it is a naturally gluten-free and nut-free flour alternative.

While tapioca starch/flour is the bleached, extracted starch of this root, cassava flour is the entire root (without the bleaching), yielding a mild flavour and oh-so-light texture!

While I've made cassava flour-based tortillas, I knew I needed to continue to venture into more recipes that utilize this flour. So, I dug into the Recipe Index found on the website of Otto's Naturals (the source of this beautiful product), as seen below!

Given it's been a long time since I've made homemade brownies, I knew this recipe was a great place to start! And, given the Easter long weekend was upon us, chocolate is NON-NEGOTIABLE!

I made the recipe as written, so as to have a frame of reference for experimenting with how I might adjust it in the future. And, it was deliciously-chocolaty and gooey, as promised!

What I'd love to do next time is experiment with the sugar content, by reducing it. While I love that the recipe uses unrefined coconut sugar, a low-glycemic natural sweetener, I'd love to experiment with reducing the sugar content (perhaps by half?), knowing a reduced sugar quantity will still yield a delicious brownie.

But, for now, I'm only concerned with making them last in my freezer for more than a couple days!

I hope this post inspires you to give this product a try, particularly if you are looking to (or have to) avoid gluten and/or nuts, or are looking to be grain-free with your day-to-day diet!

You may access the "Chewy Gooey Paleo Brownies" recipe, here! *I'd certainly double the recipe!


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