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To express the beauty that is SALT FAT ACID HEAT, is impossible! If you've a travel lover and culinary arts lover, like I am, then this 4-episode documentary season is the perfect TREAT for you!

Just released this past October 2018, SALT FAT ACID HEAT, featuring chef and food writer Samin Nosrat, takes you on a worldly adventure to discover, with greater depth, those four fundamentals to creating culinary goodness!


Discover the use of fat (olive oil, pork fat and and butter) in Liguria, northernwestern Italy, where the sights and scenes of this picturesque region have you realizing the full potential that fat possesses when it comes to adding both flavour and texture to a dish!

What was I reminded of with this episode?

The high-quality fats of a region serve as the foundation of its cuisine. Therefore, learning how to unleash fat's full potential, when cooking, is a must!


Discover one particular sourcing of sea salt (from Hondawara seaweed), as well as the fermentation of soy sauce and miso in Japan (a country I would LOVE to visit sooner than later)! It was jaw-dropping to learn that about 4,000 different types of sea salt are generated in Japan! Wowza!

What was I reminded of with this episode?

Not only does salt enhance the flavour of a food ingredient, it is capable of making the food taste more like itself. Yes!


Discover the use of acid in the Yucatan state of Mexico, also known as the 'Citrus Belt' of this country! Since vinegar is not used as an acidic ingredient, this region particularly relies on sour organges and 'Melipona Bee Honey' when creating their beautiful salsas and marinades. This was a feast for the eyes!

What was I reminded of with this episode?

The use of acidic ingredients not only brightens food, but also supports creating contrast in dishes; it really helps facilitate the balancing of different flavours.


Discover the use of heat back in Samin's present home in California! As she roasts whole chickens and a variety of vegetables, cooks beans and prepares other dishes to host a dinner party, viewers are reminded about just how sensitive we need to be with this element of cooking.

What was I reminded of with this episode?

Heat is an element of transformation - no two heat sources are the same, and the ways in which we utilize heat with various types of food ingredients is so specific to a number of factors, including the type and volume of food, its state upon starting to be cooked, the desired outcome, and the level of moisture it retains upon becoming consumed.

If you'd enjoy watching a charismatic chef and leader in her field discover culinary excellence around the world, then it's time to sit back, relax and ENJOY!

Afterwards, you may learn more about the cast, here!

Additionally, you may also enjoy the book authored by Samin Nosrat, by clicking here!

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