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BARRE BELLE – Your Ticket to S.W.E.A.T.!

HANDS DOWN, my favourite indoor fitness workout!

When you walk into one of the BARRE BELLE studios here in Calgary, AB, be prepared for a warm and welcoming environment, a high-intensity interval training workout with adrenaline-pumping playlists, and a GORGEOUS, clean, uncluttered space that you have the privilege of sharing with like-minded fitness lovers!

What I love about barre classes, and the way in which they are structured during a 60-minute time frame, are the vast number exercises, sets and repetitions you can accomplish during that time! Relying on use of your body weight, as well as isometric exercises, are also a part of the experience, as you simultaneously build your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance and enhance that muscle tone!

During the class, some of the equipment options you may use are:

  • Dumbbells

  • Resistance bands

  • Weighted balls

  • Foam mats

While you don’t need to have a background in dance (all levels and degrees of experience with fitness are welcome!), the instructors collectively possess no shortage of training, education and experience in dance, as well as additional mediums of movement, such as competitive fitness, swimming, running and the like! They are engaging and motivating, clear to follow and observe the room regularly, encouraging your participation and progress, as well as adjusting any misalignment, if observed.

You may learn more about the team of instructors, here.

Be prepared to SWEAT, with comfortable, breathable clothing, a small towel of your own and plenty of WATER! You’ll need it!

*Toe Sox, of some design, are required in the studio. This item covers all or some portion of your foot and provides a grip on the bottom, for safety and hygiene in the studio in consideration of the activity at hand and the multiple participants using the space.

To learn more about Toe Sox, click here.

There are a few different BARRE BELLE class types to choose from:





  • BELLES AND BABES (Mom & Baby)


You may view each class description, here.

BARRE BELLE presently has 3 studios around Calgary: in Mission, Parkdale and in West Springs.

You may view their location and contact info, here.

And, the studio has recently expanded to Toronto (Forest Hill) and Vancouver (Kitsilano), so if you live in one of these two cities and are in relatively close proximity to these neighbourhoods, you can experience the goodness, too!

If it's challenging to make it into the studio, but you'd love to enjoy the workout at home, you can explore The Belle Bod Program!

I really started to notice a different in my cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and muscle tone soon after starting these classes. The greater the frequency, the greater the results, of course! Regardless of frequency, the workout will not disappoint! Be prepared to feel like a million bucks! You deserve it!

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