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Justisse Healthworks for Women

Justisse Healthworks for Women is a “Fertility Awareness Education, Natural Birth Control & Holistic Reproductive Health” resource.[i]

Via a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner (HRHP), women can “manage (and protect!) their sexual and reproductive health in a natural, highly effective and independent way.”[ii]

The Justisse Method was developed back in 1986 as a “standardized system for learning fertility awareness”, therefore facilitating the opportunity for women to explore, understand and manage both their reproductive and birth control needs.[iii] As such, this method “supports a naturopathic, complementary medicine and psycho-physiological approach to reproductive health management.”[iv] Many challenges can be addressed safely and naturally with modifications to diet and lifestyle, and/or with the assistance of a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Naturopath or medical treatment.

The Justisse Method provides a woman the skill set to observe, chart and interpret her menstrual cycle events and monitor her menstrual health[v]. A woman will know each day (based on real-time data, not predictions), whether or not she is fertile.[vi]

Furthermore, this approach involves:

  • Learning to chart the phases of your menstrual cycle and recognizing the days in which you are fertile

  • Taking your Basal Body Temperature first thing every morning, prior to getting up and starting your day; your Basal Body Temperature is your temperature when you're fully at rest

  • Identifying your “Baseline” (average) Basal Body Temperature during the course of your menstrual cycle; body temperature is regulated by the thyroid gland in the body, so knowing information about your body temperature provides you a window into thyroid functioning; consistency (or lack thereof) can provide insight into adrenal function

  • Observing the type and frequency of discharge you experience on a daily basis, in an attempt to support the identification of fertile and non-fertile days

  • Tracking the duration and heaviness of bleeding of your menstrual cycle, as well as any other symptoms being experienced

  • Tracking the position of the cervix during the course of your menstrual cycle (as an additional source of information to help identify fertile and non-fertile days)

Such an approach assists with recovering fertility and menstruation after use of hormonal contraception (i.e. the birth control pill). It can also valuably support a woman attempting to become pregnant or wanting to prevent pregnancy through a completely natural method.

This approach is best learned from a comprehensively-trained Justisse Practitioner – a practitioner possessing a holistic approach to reproductive and sexual health.

In my case, I registered for the training program with a Justisse Practitioner & HRHP professional, obtained the concrete materials for training (the Justisse Method manual, several charts, web-based materials for learning the program and a Basal Body Thermometer). Following my completion of the training protocol, I had a few Skype consultations with my practitioner (after the completion of my 1st chart and 3rd chart) as a start. I was able to receive constructive feedback as to my charting skills, accuracy of observations, obtain answers to questions I had and learn about what my observations indicated. I was also referred to additional resources I could seek out.

Learning to use the Justisse Method opened up a whole new world of reproductive understanding for me. It deepened my knowledge and understanding of the phases of the menstrual cycle, including my understanding of sexual and reproductive hormones during the course of a cycle. Monitoring my Basal Body Temperature daily, each morning, also provided me valuable insight into my thyroid and adrenal health, which allowed me to then dig deeper into these two aspects of my health for future benefit.

If learning more about this holistic approach to sexual and reproductive health is of interest to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch! To know and understand where your body is at at any given point in time is invaluable information for YOU! I welcome your inquiry at any time!


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