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Tasmania Hiking Love! (Pt. II)

Cape Tourville Lighthouse and Lookout

Freycinet National Park in Tasmania is an unforgettable site! Located along the eastern coast of the Australian state of Tassie (Tasmania), you can expect granite mountains, bright-blue waters and soft-as-silk white sand beaches![i] Unforgettable!

A low-key but highly scenic walk (a great starting point for sweeping views of the Tasman Sea and the coastline) is the Cape Tourville Lookout (see image below)! This walk is a 20-minute circuit, well worth the gorgeous views! From one point along the path you will gain a glimpse of Wineglass Bay from a distance!

View from the Cape Tourville path

(Along the Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve)

"The Nuggets" - a group of four granite inlets just off the Freycinet Peninsula[ii]

(view from the Cape Tourville Lookout)

Kangaroo and Wallaby sitings may very well occur!

The Wineglass Bay Lookout walk is a MUST-DO!!! Be prepared for a very steady climb up to the lookout and a steep climb back up from Wineglass Bay Beach! It will be worth every calf-burning step - I promise you! Ensure you are well-fuelled and well-hydrated prior to setting off!

The trek to the lookout point is 3 km (return). Be prepared to add another 3 km (return) onto your total distance if continuing your hike down to Wineglass Bay Beach. Be sure to account for some time to frolic on the beach for the efforts you made to get there, and for how gorgeous the sand and water are! You're likely going to need to catch your breath and recoup, before you start the return adventure!

Be prepared to climb to the Wineglass Bay Lookout with your best hiking shoes!

The path to the Wineglass Bay Lookout!

View from the Wineglass Bay Lookout! Pretty sensational!

The view of Wineglass Bay Beach from the base of the trail!

Wineglass Bay Beach! Worth the trek down!

Take a good rest here, before heading back up!

Stone staircases for days!

Take a rest on this lovely natural chair if you need a break! I certainly did!


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