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Melbourne's Finest Market!

The Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia is certainly the heart of this incredible city! It is definitely the largest indoor/outdoor market I've ever been to, spanning two city blocks!

This market, also commonly referred to as the Vic Market or the Queen Vic, has been a fixture in Melbourne for over 100 years![i] The market is open five days a week (Tuesday, followed by Thursday through Saturday), with a Night Market also available during both the summer and winter months![ii]

In terms of vendors, you can expect to come across:

*Fresh produce



*Meat and Poultry


*Breads, Cakes and Pastries

*Specialty Grocers

*Beer, Wine and Liquor

*Restaurants and Cafes

Aside from the food aspect of the market, there is a section also entirely dedicated to products of various types, including:


*Gifts and Stationary

*Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

*Pet Supplies

*Kitchen and Homewares


...and more!

We happened to be there on a Sunday - likely one of the busiest days of the week! I was glad to be there on a weekend day, to experience the market in full force! It really provides you a strong glimpse at the local community, if you can tolerate the crowds!

Between the two city blocks of vendors is a pedestrian-only area lined with food vendors, live entertainment and even a station for kids' watercolour painting! Amazing to see!

If you're ever in Melbourne, make sure you leave time for this market! I was pleasantly surprised at how low several of the fresh produce prices were, which was excellent to see given the high quality of the vibrant produce! I often find that I am not able to do as much shopping at my local Farmers' Market as I would like to, due to the prices. While traveling abroad, it was a relief and joy to be able to pick up so much fresh produce for breakfast and snacks throughout the day!

The fresh produce section was extensive! The market is divided into sections,

with the meat, poultry and seafood being in its own section, and non-perishable

goods, artisan cheeses and artisan dips being found indoors and in close proximity!

I've yet to work with "Bitter Melon" - a goal for 2018!

I've only come across yellow watermelon on one occasion back in

Calgary, AB - at the Crossroads Farmers' Market this past summer!

It was so great to come across it again!

Vibrant Dragonfruit! That colour!


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