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Australian Bulk Food Heaven!

Scoop Wholefoods ("Australia's Finest Wholefoods") HAS to be bulk food store paradise! I stumbled upon this shop this past week, when returning to Bondi Beach for the second time to explore a little bit more! The restaurants and shops that line the beach are dense with vibrant, healthy food, whether it be juices, smoothies, plant-based gelato(!), veggie/rice/noodle bowls, etc. This shop was no exception!

Scoop Wholefoods prides itself in three pillars of operation (which were highly evident as I gawked throughout the store!):

*ORGANIC - the shop sources "the finest organic wholefoods from Australia & the world"[i]

*NATURAL - within the shop, "you will not find anything artificial at Scoop Wholefoods"[ii]

*SUSTAINABLE - "no plastic, no packaging, no waste"[iii]

The husband-and-wife team behind these outlets (with multiple locations in the Bondi Beach, Mona Vale, Mosman, Newcastle and Orange) offer both a wide range of bulk foods, as well as a variety of high-quality, artisan products (i.e. olive oil, raw honey, coconut oil, etc.).

I wandered in amazement, around the store...multiple times! I was quite impressed and could not help but notice:

1. The cleanliness - quite possibly the cleanest bulk food shop I have ever set foot in; everything was immaculate, making the food products extra-appealing!

2. The organization and presentation - not too cluttered and not too sparse, it was evident that the shop was thoughtfully organized for locating items and for aesthetic interest

3. The variety - it was incredible to see a wide range of spices, flours, nuts, seeds, granolas, nut and seed butters, oils and vinegars, snacks and the like! Everything just looked so...PURE and FRESH!

4. The information - the labelling on the bulk bins was appreciated; the labels included such as information as the nutritional value of the item, how you might use the item, its origin, as well as a full ingredient list (where applicable) upon lifting the container lid. Ingredient lists with NO JUNK are SO FABULOUS to see!

5. The pleasant staff!

My only wish is that I could have spent more time in there - ideally, reading EVERY label to keep GROWING my nutritional mind! Wink wink!

On the Scoop Wholefoods website, you may peruse a variety of gorgeous-looking recipes that utilize the types of ingredients/products that the shop carries.

At that, I'll leave you with this inspiration, as you contemplate your next whole foods creation!

Bulk oils and vinegars!

Banana Flour & Organic Tigernut Flour

Nutrient-Dense Trail Mix Varieties

Yes, Please!

I was quite impressed with the granolas, particularly the

Turmeric, Orange & Pistachio variety! That colour!

That is some ingredient list!

Sea salt varieties, and the largest rock salt crystal I've ever seen!

Appealing presentation, with these Sweet Walnuts from Tasmania!

I'll have to enjoy some when I visit that state next!


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