• Jessica Pecush

A Culinary Adventure Around the World!

If you haven't seen an episode of the Netflix Original Series Chef's Table, and you have an appetite for fine dining, elegant cuisine, or are just in awe of what individuals are able to do with food, then this series is for you.

As I chip away at watching this documentary (of which there are three seasons spanning 2015, 2016 and 2017 - 6 episodes each), be prepared to be intrigued by the personal and culinary lives of world-renown, international chefs, including:

*Enrique Olvera of Mexico

*Alex Atala of Brazil

*Grant Achatz of the U.S.A

*Virgilio Martinez of Peru

*Ben Shewry of New Zealand (Australian cuisine)

*Niki Nakayama of the U.S.A. (specializing in Japanese kaiseki cuisine)

*Massimo Bottura of Italy

*Vladmir Mukhin of Russia

*Jeong Kwan of South Korea

Each episode focuses on one particular chef, providing an inside look into their personal life and their journey with their extraordinary talent and passion for molecular gastronomy and innovative cuisine, as they continue to push boundaries. To be honest, even the musical introduction to each episode is impressive in itself and has me left with a goofy smile of my face!

From Brazil, Peru and Mexico, to Sweden, South Korea and Australia, each episode will leave you in awe! Nominated for 6 Emmy Awards these past couple of years (a win will occur at one point, I'm sure!), this documentary series is culinary heaven! It will likely leave you wanting to plan your next bucket list getaway; a getaway that includes a visit to one of the Michelin Star restaurants featured in an episode!

Beyond Chef's Table, you can also explore Chef's Table France (1 season, 4 episodes). This branch of Chef's Table documents those French chefs pushing the boundaries of the fine dining experience with palate-pleasing flavours. Looking forward to getting into that one!

Happy watching!


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