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(Hot or Iced!) Mesquite & Mushroom Coffee Elixir

An elixir is a concoction of superfoods that requires just minutes to create! It often has a base consisting of a hot, herbal tea and is blended to perfection in a high-speed blender, or simmered to perfection on stovetop.

Regardless, I put my culinary nutrition pantry to the test and experimented with what would ultimately become my go-to (natural) coffee-flavoured beverage, boycotting the price, sugar, syrups and coffee cup waste you inevitably encounter at your local coffee shop! Instead, I'm opting for an incredibly satisfying blend of ingredients that include health-promoting ingredients and a good dose of high-quality protein and fat!


  • 1 package instant Mushroom Coffee (from Four Sigmatic) (*Individual packets should be accessible at your local health food store, or may can view the company website here).

  • 1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

  • 1 tsp. raw, organic mesquite powder (or you may use maca powder)

  • 1 tbsp. raw, unpasteurized honey

  • 1 tbsp. organic, virgin coconut oil

  • 1 tbsp. hulled hemp seeds


1. Dissolve 1 packet Mushroom Coffee powder in approx. 250 ml boiling water. Let sit to reach room temperature.

*If desiring to enjoy this beverage as a hot elixir, pour the dissolved Mushroom Coffee into a high-speed blender, add all other ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!

2. Once it has reached room temperature, pour the dissolved Mushroom Coffee into a high-speed blender, add all other ingredients and blend until smooth.

3. Pour into your favourite glass, chill with a few ice cubes and ENJOY!

*You may fast-track the chilling effect by putting the dissolved Mushroom Coffee in the fridge to chill, prior to blending it with the additional ingredients.

About Cordyceps Mushrooms:

  • Increase the amount of oxygen uptake in the body, therefore enhancing respiratory function and acting as an energy booster

  • Possess anti-inflammatory properties, helping to prevent complications with cardiovascular health

  • Decrease the amount of “bad” cholesterol in the body, while increasing the amount of “good” cholesterol

  • Assist with cancer prevention via working to shrink tumors and eliminate free radicals in the body (uncharged electrons that move freely and cause damage/oxidation to the cells)

  • Contribute to kidney health via detoxification

  • Contain powerful concentrations of anti-aging compounds

  • Positively impacts sexual dysfunction in males[i]

About Chaga Mushrooms:

  • Provide immune system support by boosting the immune system as needed, yet also slowing it down when it is overactive

  • Activate the immune cells responsible for combating cancer initiation

  • Support the structure and integrity of blood vessels by providing soothing properties during periods of irritation

  • Support gastrointestinal health by soothing the lining of the gut

  • Assist in breaking down “bad” cholesterol in the bloodstream[ii]

About Mesquite Powder:

  • Is extracted from the seedpods of the Mesquite tree, a plant native to Argentina and Peru and also located within the southwestern United States

  • High levels of nutrients are concentrated in the seeds of this tree, to compensate for the harsh climates it withstands

  • The pods and seeds are stone ground into a fine powder; a fine powder that is a significant source of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc

  • Mesquite powder is also a source of soluble, dietary fiber and digestible protein, in the form of lysine

  • It possesses antioxidant value and rates low on the Glycemic Index with regards to sugar level

  • Is highly aromatic and may be used either as a superfood seasoning (i.e. in soups and on vegetables, a gluten-free flour, or as added flavor within smoothies, elixirs, baking/desserts[iii]

  • Its flavor can be described as a sweet, nutty, cinnamon, molasses-like flavor with hints of caramel[iv]

  • Is naturally gluten-free, digests more slowly and is higher in protein than other grain flours, and therefore prevents drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels[v]


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