• Jessica Pecush

Reducing Waste...One Box of Plastic Wrap at a Time!

If there's a new habit I can get behind (besides the boycotting of bottled water, and one-use coffee cups that cannot be recycled), it's boycotting limitless boxes of plastic wrap and aluminum foil.

Abeego. A Canadian company out of Victoria, B.C. that produces reusable, beeswax food wrap. Essentially, this food wrap is composed of a combination of beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin that has been infused into hemp and organic cotton cloth. This is where food wrap it AT!

As shown in the image above, these natural, breathable and compostable sheets are available in various sizes. The particular package I purchased contains one small, medium and large sheet (the medium-sized one is wrapped around the bowl). This particular package sells for $18.00 on the Abeego website; I found my purchase at a local health food store in Calgary at an identical price.

Dimensions of the sheets, as illustrated in the photograph:

  • Small = 7" x 7"

  • Medium = 10" x 10"

  • Large = 13" x 13"

The beautiful thing about this food wrap is that it is easily washable and is a long-term investment; the sheets may be hand washed in cold water with some natural dish soap. They may be submerged in water briefly to dampen, and are cleaned by being wiped like a surface; they should be gently dried with a tea towel and not wrung out like a dishcloth afterwards. They are not designed to be exposed to hot temperatures, so please do not use them in the microwave or oven!

As much of my food storage in the fridge and freezer involves glass storage containers that come with their own lids, I find I'm only needing these sheets for the odd bowl or plate that doesn't use/come with a lid. Therefore, the three sheets have been sufficient, and to invest in a few more packages is still reasonable in cost.

These sheets are versatile, lending themselves towards wrapping a variety of foods, including: fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, snacks and leftovers. To use, simply center the sheet about the dish it needs to cover and wrap around the edges, pressing firmly in each spot so that the heat from your hands helps the sheet to mold and stick to the container. While the sheet is not as airtight as the lid on a glass container, it does seal the container as needed and allows the contents to breathe at the same time. This quality preserves the food inside as intended, for longer than unbreathable materials like plastic wrap and aluminum foil would. Therefore, please do not turn your container/plate of food upside-down to see if the contents will all fall out! They very well could!

Abeego has a beautiful looking website (www.abeego.com); this would certainly make a unique gift for someone who's passionate about cooking and making day-to-day decisions that yield a positive impact on the environment, even in what may seem like the smallest of ways! This is one Canadian business I can get behind!


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