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Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

In this piece of literature, author Michael Moss goes into great depth of detail about the pronounced and harmful effects of salt, sugar and fat on our bodies. Unfortunately, “the food industry would cease to exist without salt, sugar and fat”.[i] These three ingredients have quickly become a dangerous addiction, whose effects wreak havoc on our bodies, minds, moods and behaviours, let alone our pocketbooks! As such, food companies have “played a central role in creating this health crisis”.[ii]

Food companies have used this “seductive trio”[iii] of ingredients in such ways that they have become the basis of the Standard American Diet: heavily refined and processed foods that are incredibly unhealthy and always leave you hungrily wanting more. Consumers are drawn to them as they are cheap, taste good, are delivered in ridiculous-sized portions and are energy-dense (spiking your blood sugar and having your energy crash shortly thereafter).

From personal experience, it is not until you completely eliminate these three elements from your diet (in refined, processed forms) that you realize just how addictive and dangerously harmful they are. For as long as the food industry’s priorities lie in maximizing profit at no expense when it comes to using these detrimental ingredients, those who don’t have the will power or motivation (or who see reason) to avoid these foods completely will continue to damage their well-being and stress the health care system with the inevitable consequences. This is one of those types of books where once you read the facts and become fully acquainted with the truth behind-the-scenes, you cannot forget nor un-learn what you have just learned! It really is enough to make you sick.

In conclusion, the food industry has come to significantly depend on salt, sugar and fat, which form the basis of processed foods. “It is not the nature of these companies to care about the consumer; they are more concerned with crushing their rivals and beating them to the punch”.[iv] The worst part is, these same companies are in complete denial about the significance of their involvement with regards to the resulting health crisis that has existed for some time now, which also doesn’t show much evidence of slowing down any time soon.

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[i-iv] Moss, Michael. (2013). Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us. Toronto, ON: McClelland & Stewart.


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