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Hold the Breakfast! (But Just for a Moment!)

Hold the breakfast, because you've got some rehydrating to do!

Whether you realize it when you wake or not, your body is naturally dehydrated from any number of hours of sleep. Upon waking, one of the most healthful choices you can make for your body is to REHYDRATE it! And, why not rehydrate yourself in a way that yields multiple positive health effects simultaneously?

There is a way! It's by starting the rehydration process (and inevitably the morning detoxification process!) with fresh lemon water and a dash of (organic) cayenne pepper.

A mason jar of filtered or spring water will get you started. Add fresh lemon in an amount suitable for you. You could start with 1/4 lemon (which is equivalent to approx. 1 tbsp. if juicing it and pouring it into your water). Personally, I cut a small, organic lemon into quarters and add a couple of them to my jar. A dash of cayenne pepper on top will complete the beverage.

The health and nutritional benefits of lemon are ENDLESS! To note a few, lemon has the ability to:

  • detoxify the body

  • activate metabolism for the day

  • boost the immune system

  • neutralize the body's pH by restoring its alkalinity (undesirable bacteria thrive in more acidic environments)

The health and nutritional benefits of cayenne pepper are also ENDLESS! To also note a few, cayenne pepper has the ability to:

  • stimulate your circulatory system

  • stimulate the production of saliva

  • stimulate the digestive tract

  • maintain normalized blood pressure levels

*Note: This beverage may also be enjoyed warm, if you're desiring a more soothing effect. Boil a mug's worth of water and let it cool to the desired temperature. Or, warm the water on the stovetop to the desired temperature. Upon obtaining the water you need, add the lemon and cayenne pepper thereafter.

Infusing your daily drinking water with lemon (or other healthful fruits and herbs!) is an easy and interesting way to ensure adequate water intake. The added flavour may transform consuming water from feeling like a chore, to something you can't wait to do!

Time to get "started"!

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