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There’s no doubt that documentaries can be engrossing, and this one is no exception!

GMO OMG educates viewers about “Genetically Modified Organisms” (GMO): organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does NOT occur naturally.[i] When one consumes a GMO product, one is essentially consuming seeds with altered genes – eating them without necessarily knowing what they are.

GMO OMG takes an investigative look at the capitalist enterprise “Monsanto”, whose main objective is to make a profit and consequently wreaks havoc with communities of people and their agricultural systems.[ii] Chemical companies own many farming companies. Coupled with large, industrial equipment that accomplishes a vast volume of work at a rapid and efficient pace, yields have increased by 50% over the last 10-15 years.[iii]

GMO foods possess unnatural DNA and these foods are doused in toxic pesticides. Farmers, in attempting to patent nature, have established weaknesses in the agricultural system, generating the need for pesticides and herbicides.[iv] One of several facts I find alarming is this acceptance that it is okay to trade-off long-term, environmental sustainability of the planet for short-term productivity instead. This type of agriculture is most certainly also contributing to global warming, as conventional crops emit nearly 40% more greenhouse gases, per pound.[v]

As someone who values environmental stewardship, the fact that conventional farming in this manner appears to be out of control is just simply alarming. It is occurring at an ever-increasing price for farmers, the environment and the animal and human population. As noted in this documentary, “the myth that organic farming CAN’T feed the world has been disproven”, and the “immoral, but now accepted practice” dominates.

If people are going to consume GMO, they should be doing so knowingly. Companies are willing to spend millions of dollars just to defeat the labeling of GMO so their profits remain intact and so traceability of food sources becomes virtually impossible.[vi] Government systems are being held captive to this industry. Consequently, it is up to the fired-up public to advocate for themselves and one another.

Time to watch!

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[i-vi] Seifert, J. et. Al. (2013). GMO OMG.

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