My Food Philosophy


Everything you feed your body affects every aspect of your

well-being, so be mindful. Knowing this, I choose to nourish my body with a fresh, vibrant, whole food, plant-based diet.


Diet has tremendous power to transform health! As such, we must tune in to the ways in which we fuel our body daily. We are always in the driver’s seat, headed in the direction of optimal health, if we consistently make informed and nourishing choices.


I passionately consume a plant-based, whole foods diet daily, selecting locally-grown and seasonal foods as often as possible. Choosing locally-grown and seasonal foods allows me to become increasingly knowledgeable about where my food has been grown and how it has been raised. I also look to non-GMO foods and choose organic when possible, particularly with produce ranking high in pesticide residues when grown conventionally.


I personally ensure I select a rich variety of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and aromatic spices. I boycott processed foods (rich in refined salt, sugar and industrially refined/processed fats) and foods containing gluten and dairy, which knowingly contribute to discomfort and inflammation in my body. I minimally invest in packaged foods, unless circumstances dictate. To minimize my own Digestive System-based inflammation, I opt to consume the therapeutic and nutrient benefits of organically-sourced eggs, organic bone broth, organic or pasture-raised poultry, and wild-caught seafood.  


Food consumption possesses the capacity to affect one's mood, energy level, sleep quality, skin, body mass and self-concept. When I observe how energized and strong I feel when my body is properly nourished, I remain dedicated to health-promoting and sustainable daily habits.  


Developing an informed relationship between food and health is critical, especially in this day in age. It requires being open-minded and flexible. The pace of one’s daily life may not be an excuse; knowledge, preparedness, reflection and incremental changes guide the way toward your most optimal and vibrant state of health! You deserve nothing less!


I embrace this philosophy as a purposeful choice to maximize the magnificent future ahead!


In Pursuit of Optimal Digestive Health,


Jessica Pecush, CNE, C.H.N.C., BEd., BPE

Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™

AIP Certified Coach® & Leader In Transformation