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Meal Planning

This service involves a consultation (up to 30 minutes in duration), to determine the desired types of meals the client would like to see included in his/her customized meal plan or recipe bundle (taking any food sensitivities/allergies into consideration).


The client completes a 7-Day (digital) Food & Symptom Journal, to provide a detailed look at his/her daily dietary choices, including mood and any symptoms experienced. This insightful tool assists in the sourcing of the recipes to be enjoyed.


Five business days following the completion of 7 Food & Symptom Journals, the client can expect to receive an (electronic) meal plan or recipe bundle.

Customized recipe selections are structured in one of two ways:

1. A 7-Day Structure:

The daily menu will include breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner, incorporating use of leftovers into subsequent meals, as desired. The snacks serve as options to be enjoyed, if they are deemed needed in keeping blood sugar balanced between meals. If a client feels satiated enough between two meals, the snacks may be omitted.

2. A 35-Recipe Bundle:

This bundle includes 7 breakfast ideas, 14 snack ideas and 14 lunch/dinner ideas bundled together, so as to serve as a source of inspiration that may be incorporated into a client's day-to-day on their own schedule.

The client and I will enjoy a 30-minute face-to-face, web conference call or phone call consult to debrief the meal plan/recipe bundle content, prior to the client getting started with the recipes.

This service also includes one follow-up call, web conference call or face-to-face appointment (30 minutes in duration), to debrief the execution and impact of the recipes enjoyed, and to provide any further supports needed. This follow-up appointment is scheduled at a time convenient for the client.

Customized Meal Plan, including the two consult opportunities:


*Restaurant Analysis Add-On: 

If you tend to eat out often, I can analyze the menus of your go-to destinations and provide feedback about the most nutritional options on the menu.


$50/hour for analysis time

(dependent on number of menus analyzed)