Meal Planning

This service involves a consultation (up to 30 minutes in duration), to determine the desired types of meals the client would like to see included in his/her customized Recipe Bundle (taking any food sensitivities/allergies into consideration).


The client completes a (digital) 7-Day Food & Symptom Journal, to provide a detailed look at his/her daily dietary choices, including resulting mood and any digestion-based symptoms experienced. This tool assists in the sourcing of the recipes to be enjoyed.


Five business days following the completion of 7-Day Food & Symptom Journals, the client can expect to receive an (electronic) meal plan or recipe bundle.

Customized recipe selections are structured as a 35-recipe bundle:

This bundle includes 7 breakfast ideas, 14 snack ideas and 14 lunch/dinner ideas bundled together, so as to serve as a source of inspiration that may be incorporated into a client's day-to-day on their own schedule (i.e. layering in a handful of new recipes each week, as time unfolds).

*Please note that these 35 recipes may be distributed differently, based on the clients needs and desires.

The client and I will enjoy a 45-minute face-to-face, web conference call or phone call consult to debrief the Meal Plan/Recipe Bundle content, prior to the client getting started with the recipes.

This service also includes one follow-up call, web conference call or face-to-face appointment (30 minutes in duration), to debrief the execution and impact of the recipes enjoyed, and to provide any further supports needed. This follow-up appointment is scheduled at a time convenient for the client.

Customized Meal Plan, including the 45-minute debrief and 30-minute follow-up consult opportunities: 


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