Holistic Nutritional Assessment

A Holistic Nutritional Assessment involves a (digital) four-part intake form, as well as a (digital) 7-Day Food & Symptom Journal to commence the assessment process.


A Lifestyle Assessment provides me a comprehensive picture of a client's various lifestyle factors, allowing for the analysis of any particular lifestyle factors that may be contributing to imbalances in the body.


A Medical History Assessment provides me an understanding of any past and present medical events, any medication use and any supplement use that would contribute to one's present state of health.


Following, a Nutritional Symptomology Assessment clearly identifies which physiological systems of the body may be out of balance, based on the specific, nutritional-based symptoms being experienced by the client.


A Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Assessment reveals any particular micronutrients (i.e. vitamins and/or minerals) that may be suspected to be at less-than-optimal levels in the body at the present time. 


Such indicators allow for personalized programming to then occur, in the form of both dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Supplement recommendations (if deemed beneficial), may also be recommended as part of the protocol. 


A 35-recipe Recipe Bundle and additional nutritional resources are also provided. Such a personalized protocol facilitates the body being brought back into a greater state of nutritional BALANCE.  

What does a Follow-Up Consultation involve?


A Follow-Up Consultation is shorter in duration and serves as an opportunity to 'check in’ with the client regarding the dietary, supplement (if applicable) and lifestyle recommendations provided during the initial assessment and consultation, in conjunction with the client’s short and long-term health and wellness goals. Progress will be determined, any challenges will be discussed, and further recommendations and meal idea suggestions will be made. 

Holistic Nutritional Assessment Package: $899.00

  • Client completion of (and my analysis of) comprehensive (digital) Intake Forms

  • Client completion of (any my analysis of) a (digital) 7-Day Food & Symptom Journal

  • Client Protocol: personalized Dietary, Supplement (if applicable) and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • One Recipe Bundle (35 recipes) that incorporates a variety of breakfast, snack and lunch/dinner ideas; the key nutrients/food ingredients most critical at this time (based on analysis of the Client Intake Forms) are inherent within the customized recipes

  • Additional nutritional resources (as found to be supportive in each client case)

  • In-person debrief of Client Protocol, Recipe Bundle and any additional resources provided (90 minutes in duration)

  • Weekly accountability check-ins (digital feedback form submission with feedback, or phone call - 30 minutes each)

  • Includes 3, 45-minute Follow-Up Appointments (scheduled at 4, 8 and 12-week intervals following the initial, in -person debrief session)

Additional Follow-Up Consultations: $75.00/each or 3 for $200.00

  • 45 minutes in duration

  • Scheduled at a frequency most suited to the client’s nutritional needs and personal health and wellness goals

  • May be purchased and scheduled following the completion of the Holistic Nutritional Assessment Package experience

*Please note that for clients located beyond Calgary and surrounding area, the face-to-face aspects of this service may be conducted online via "ZOOM".

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