Grocery Store/Health Food Store Tours

This service involves touring one (or more) grocery stores/health food stores of the client’s choice, in accordance with the client's present needs and short-term/long-term nutritional goals.


A Grocery Store/Health Food Store Tour is an opportunity to learn more about:


  • Reading and interpreting food labels (what to look for, what to avoid)

  • Reading and interpreting ingredient lists (what to look for, what to avoid)

  • Understanding "Healthwashing" with regards to packaged food items

  • The most optimal ways in which to purchase (and store) food items sold in various forms and types of packaging

  • How to best optimize time and finances when grocery shopping

This service includes a consultation (up to 30 minutes in duration) prior to the tour day, in order to establish nutritional needs/goals and so as to pinpoint the grocery stores/markets to be visited.

*Tours are based on an hourly rate of $100/hour (1-hour minimum). Multiple stores may be visited in sequence, as desired.