Corporate Wellness Sessions

Health & Wellness in the workplace is a must, considering the pace of our day-to-day lives and the various stressors continuously acting on our minds and bodies. Being PROACTIVE is key! 


Planning for daily nutrition is a key component of optimal health and wellness, in addition to effectively managing healthy levels of stress, enjoying regular physical activity and attaining sufficient, quality sleep on a regular basis. These factors, in conjunction with one another, support enhanced performance and productivity in the workplace.


This service aims to target the needs of the particular corporate staff at hand, so that the session(s) are highly meaningful in consideration of the work environment and demands of the roles the employees execute on a day-to-day basis.

These sessions encompass a variety of themes:

Healthy Eating & Self-Care in the Workplace

Discover 12 daily nutritional and lifestyle habits that will greatly support you through your work day and beyond! From morning rituals to sleep hygiene and everything in-between, this holistic approach will have you supporting your day-to-day work performance and overall health in multiple ways.

Nourishing the Mind for Mental Wellness and Performance

Learn about brain-boosting nutrients and food ingredients and how they support our state of mental wellness, productivity and performance. Become acquainted with flavourful, from-scratch recipes to have you supporting your brain in nourishing, health-promoting ways!

The Power of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

A diet rich and varied in anti-inflammatory foods supports the reduction and minimization of inflammation in the body. The guidelines and recipes provided will have you distinguishing between anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory foods with ease, including flavourful ways in which to prepare and enjoy a variety of anti-inflammatory options.

Optimizing the Immune System

Did you know that a significant portion of our Immune System is housed in our Digestive System? In this workshop, learn about how digestion and immunity go hand-in-hand, as well as particular nutrients, food ingredients and daily lifestyle habits that support both enhanced immunity and optimal digestion.

Tips & Tricks to Invigorate Your Cooking

Are you feeling stuck in a rut with your go-to recipes and in need of some fresh new ideas? This workshop is designed to expand your knowledge of health-promoting ingredients and equip you with fresh strategies and easily batch-cooked recipes, so as to leave you best prepared for the week ahead!

Shifting to a Whole Foods Diet

A dietary approach rooted in whole foods allows the body to thrive! Learn about health-promoting sources of carbohydrates, protein and fat and what they have to offer the body in comparison with refined and processed food options. This workshop will reveal sources of inflammation, hidden sources of sugar in the diet, anti-inflammatory foods and how we may support our metabolism with ‘thermogenic’ foods.


Gut Support to the Rescue!

Health truly does start in the gut, as the state of the gut impacts the functioning of all other physiological systems of the body. Explore various food and beverage selections, as well as strategic supplementation options that nourish and support both the microbiome and lining of the digestive tract for optimal digestive health.


Get Alkalized!

The pH of the foods and beverages we consume impacts our internal environment, contributing to balances or imbalances in the body. Inflammation loves to breed in acidic environments, so alkalizing foods are crucial as part of one’s day-to-day diet! Together, we’ll hone in on whole foods and simple beverages that support alkalinity, in order to minimize inflammation in the body.


Food Selection 101

There is much nutritional jargon out there! This workshop will navigate several nutritional terms we regularly encounter, as well as a number of other commonly-asked-questions including: Which items are best purchased from an organic source? What food label ingredients and food packaging terms should I be on the lookout for? How do I best store produce to reduce spoilage and food waste? What staple ingredients belong in my pantry? These are common questions, and this workshop has the answers!

Interactive, lecture-style sessions run for 60 minutes in length. Please note that I require about 30 minutes set-up time in the space (for in-person events), as well as a projection screen. All participants will be provided a digital copy of the visual presentation, as well as a recipe bundle that incorporates the nutrients/food ingredients highlighted in the presentation as inspiration to get into ACTION!

A phone or video consultation (up to 30 minutes in duration) with the booking staff member, prior to the Corporate Wellness Session, will assist with establishing the theme most fitting for the group of participants, as well as all other booking details required.

Session Rate: $350.00 

To inquire about a Corporate Wellness Session, please contact me below and provide a brief overview of the nature of the event you have in mind and what you're looking for. Thank you!

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