Client Testimonials

"A group of friends and I hired Jessica for a plant-based, immune boosting, cooking workshop and we had so much fun learning about healthy food options that were all vegan and gluten-free which, because of stomach issues, is the type of diet I follow. Jessica was so passionate about what she taught us, it's clear she loves what she does and everything we made that evening was delicious. I went home with a bunch of recipes to try and a list of healthy ingredients to add to my pantry. Thanks Jessica, for a fun, informative evening!"


Marie Z. - Edmonton, AB

"Struggling with health issues, I am always trying to find ways to boost my immune system naturally with food, but I have always felt overwhelmed by all the information out there. I also have the added challenge of needing to make meals that my three kids will eat as well. This workshop was a great way to get introduced to new ingredients, to make and eat delicious food, to get some information and to ask lots of questions. I make the creamy turmeric milk all the time...yum! I can't wait to go to another workshop!"


Natalie H. - Edmonton, AB

"Jessica is amazing! Her cooking classes and nutritional consulting were very informative.  Jessica brings in just the right details and organization that made the classes easy-to-follow and fun. Jessica really adapts the classes to the client's needs; her passion for what she does is easy to see! I would highly recommend Jessica!"


Cheryl A. - Calgary, AB

"I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica to anyone - her personality and teaching style are excellent. I learned much more than I ever expected and have continued to cook all of the recipes we went over during our time together. I have also grown my confidence and have experimented with many different ingredients, using her recipes as a baseline. Jessica made the two culinary sessions I spent with her interesting, fun and enjoyable - her teaching ability and approach to sharing knowledge are exceptional!"


Lisa L. - Calgary, AB

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica on a number of corporate wellness sessions. She is excellent! She has a true passion for helping others and it shows! She is always very prepared, flexible, and brings the most delicious healthy food and resourceful handouts for everyone. I would highly recommend her to companies looking to educate and inspire their employees to live a healthier, happier life!

Chelsey V. - Calgary, AB

Jessica's knowledge of nutrition is outstanding, and she was able to pinpoint deficiencies in my diet that were very small, but also incredibly significant. I have improved digestion, improved energy levels, more confidence in my kitchen, and am inspired by food! Working with Jessica was a life-changing experience. Today I feel both empowered and inspired to become (and remain) my best and healthiest self!

Anna B. - Calgary, AB

Jessica was understanding and never made us feel judged for our not-so-great habits. The best part was that she didn't want us to change over night, but take our plan and lay it out over time to adjust our lifestyle and mindset toward our end goal. We're now eating breakfast daily, are trying to eat more regularly, have a shopping list, and stick to it! Now, we experience less stomach issues, have a plan we like, and rely on for the right foods to help us live more healthily. I would recommend Jessica, as her professionalism and follow-through are superior.

H & D - Calgary, AB

I had never previously worked with a nutritionist and so I didn't really know what to expect. I was worried about having to open up about my habits, but new that being honest would get me the results I wanted. Jessica was extremely friendly, attentive and non-judgemental. Any worries I had quickly dissipated, as she is extremely professional and knowledgeable.


My main goal was to break bad habits and focus on eating whole foods. In addition to eating a balanced diet, I wanted to focus on ways to improve my digestion. Jessica recommended removing dairy from my diet, based on my symptoms, and this was truly life-changing!


I would highly recommend Jessica Pecush Nutrition to my friends and family. Jessica is very passionate about her work and it shows, with her vast knowledge and delicious and healthy recipe ideas. She is very willing to give her time to her clients, both in person and through follow-ups. I am extremely pleased with my decision to work with Jessica and recommend her highly! She provides many possibilities for following a path that best suits your personal goals and lifestyle. She is kind, informative and passionate about her work. I was thrilled with what she provided me!

Angelique R. - Calgary, AB

Jessica visited our workplace to conduct a 60-minute "Corporate Wellness Session" and she was an excellent presenter! The content was very informative - practical and useful information on healthy eating and self-care in the workplace. I solicited feedback from the staff who attended and overall, the feedback was very positive - the overall content was very interesting and informative, the bone broth samples were great and the recipe booklet was enjoyed.

Stephanie F. - Calgary, AB

Our staff enjoyed our recent "Corporate Wellness Session" -  it had a lot of information! Jessica's handouts supported the topic and are a great addition, as we are able to reference them afterwards. I learned something I could apply to my everyday life and Jessica had a lot of different recipes to share. She was very knowledgeable with her answers to questions that came up throughout and at the end of the session, was very nice and is knowledgeable in her field!

Alyson G. - Calgary, AB

Jessica's recent corporate wellness presentation was focused on “How Clean is Your Eating?” - a topic selected by our staff, so a topic of particular interest to them. Almost all staff attended the session and they agreed Jessica was a well-informed and an excellent presenter. The handouts (including recipes) were excellent. I would definitely recommend Jessica. She is very professional and is well-informed and organized, which is especially important for shorter sessions.

Catherine T. - Calgary, AB

Jessica was able to support our staff during a recent "Corporate Wellness Session" by providing them food ideas that are healthier, along with sample recipes. She provided them different cooking ideas, including what to cook with. I enjoyed learning a new approach with various (anti-inflammatory) oils you can use for cooking, as well as preparing food options that are healthier, such as bone broth. I learned that quite a few staff members enjoyed what they were shown and learned something from the session. I would recommend Jessica because what she taught us can be applied to our everyday, busy lives, and because it was interesting!

Shelley S. - Calgary, AB