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 Culinary &

Holistic Nutritional Consulting

Culinary Nutrition Calgary

A Culinary Nutrition Expert, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant professional and educator-at-heart, I teach women who suffer from bowel issues how to experience relief from the discomfort, pain and embarrassment of their symptoms, by getting to the root cause of those issues, reducing their inflammation, while fuelling their body, mind and lifestyle in powerful and therapeutic ways.

This journey involves the adoption of incremental, sustainable habits, while enjoying a plant-rich, Paleo-inspired approach as a solid foundation, in conjunction with from-scratch culinary techniques.

Culinary & Holistic Nutrition Consulting


Whether it be as a participant of 'The DI-JESS-TION Method, a Small Group Culinary Workshop or Corporate Wellness Session, I look forward to providing you with an invaluable learning opportunity to meet your unique, personal needs!

Culinary Nutrition Calgary
Recipes & Lifestyle Tips 


Dedicated to sharing my culinary exploration, recipe development and the nutritional benefits of a variety of health-promoting, therapeutic and functional foods, this holistic dietary and lifestyle content is sure to inspire you, keep you experimenting in your own kitchen and living your most VIBRANT life!