Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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A Culinary Nutrition Expert, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant professional and educator-at-heart, I support adults experiencing digestion-based symptoms and inflammation, so as to help bring their body back into a greater state of balance.

This journey involves the adoption of incremental, sustainable habits, while enjoying whole foods, therapeutic foods and from-scratch culinary techniques.

Culinary & Holistic Nutrition Consulting


Whether it be a Comprehensive Holistic Nutritional Assessment, 1:1 or Small Group Culinary Workshop or Corporate Wellness Session, I look forward to providing you with an invaluable learning opportunity to meet your unique, personal needs!

Recipes & Lifestyle Tips 


Dedicated to sharing my culinary exploration, recipe development and the nutritional benefits of a variety of health-promoting foods, this holistic dietary and lifestyle content is sure to inspire you, keep you experimenting in your own kitchen and living your most VIBRANT life!